Authorized Online Reseller

Yealink recognizes the diversity of sales channels through which our products may be sold and reserves the right to manage any given sales channel extending from Yealink to the ultimate end user in the manner Yealink deems most appropriate. At the same time, Yealink recognizes the importance of online sales to Value Added Resellers (VAR) and end users. The Yealink Authorized Online Reseller Program is designed for such companies who purchase Yealink products from an Authorized Yealink Distributor and then resell them to end users via online marketing. The Yealink Authorized Online Reseller Program does not replace the current Yealink Distributor contract process.

While there may be exceptions, an Online Reseller will typically have the following characteristics: 
a. Sell Yealink Products through a website managed directly by the reseller;
b. Sell primarily directly to VARs and end user customers;
c. Advertise only the Yealink Suggested Advertised Price (SAP) or higher price on the website;
d. Provide a mechanism whereby their customers obtain a confidential quote or proposal for the actual selling price in a manner that does not reveal the price to other users of the web site.
1.     Purpose
The purpose of the YealinkAuthorized Online Reseller Programis to maintain the value associated with the Yealink brand.

2.     Minimum Standards to apply to be an Authorized Online Reseller
Prospective authorized Online Resellers should:
a. Have a working, professional web site with a company-specific registered URL;
b. Have the ability to keep this website current on a day to day basis;
c. Have web pages dedicated to each Yealink product category. Yealink products should not   be displayed without specific Yealink authorized technical specifications;
d. Have a physical business address. Post office boxes are insufficient;
e. If the Online Reseller is currently selling Yealink products, they follow Yealink Online Channel Management Policy in order to be part of this new Authorized Online Reseller Program.

3.     Benefits
Authorized Online Resellers will be provided the following advantages and benefits:
a.  Authorized Online Resellers are granted permission to use the Yealink logo as part of their online marketing programs on their website. While Unauthorized Online Reseller is not permitted to use Yealink logo.
b. Authorized Online Resellers will be provided high definition pictures of Yealink products for use on their website; While Unauthorized Online Reseller is not permitted to demonstrate Yealink product and pictures on his online store.
c. Authorized Online Resellers will be provided with all updated marketing and information materials through Yealink distributors, including new products, sales promotions, sales materials, etc. for use on their website.
d. Authorized Online Resellers will be provided with Yealink technical training via web-enabled training programs and audio/video conferencing.
e. Authorized Online Reseller will have priority to have product delivered from Yealink Distributor, when he has insufficient stock.
f.  Authorized Online Reseller will be recorded into Yealink online system on official website, which enables end-user customers to verify his authorization via this portal And Authorized Online Reseller will be recommended on Distributor official website.
g. Authorized Online Reseller may have an opportunity to receive marketing fund supported by Yealink, which will be reimbursed by payment for goods.

4.     Responsibilities
Yealink Authorized Online Resellers agree to the following:
a. Respect Yealink SAP Policy
Prices publicized on their websites, or in any public fashion, like eBay, Amazon, is highly recommended to be equal or more than the Yealink specified SAP. However, the actual price at which the Authorized Online Reseller sells Yealink products to their customers is determined solely by the Online Reseller. Actual selling price may be provided to the Online Reseller customers in any format, but the Authorized Online Reseller will reasonably assure the confidentiality of the selling price between the Authorized Online Reseller and their customers. To follow SAP is a fundamental and significant factor to maintain a long-term relationship between Yealink and Online Resellers, to protect both parties’ benefits.
b. Maintain current and accurate Yealink information on the Authorized Online Reseller’s website.
c. The Authorized Online Reseller acknowledges that in addition to actual selling price, the prices at which the Authorized Online Reseller purchased the Products from Yealink distributors are also Confidential.

5.     Authorization procedure
a. This Authorized Online Reseller Program will be managed by Yealink in cooperation with Yealink Distributors;
b. Companies wishing to become a Yealink Authorized Online Reseller will:
            a) Contact a Yealink Distributor. If the applicant is currently selling Yealink products, their current distributor is their appropriate contact. As a condition of eligibility Yealink Distributors will attest that, to the best of the Distributor’s knowledge, a prospective Authorized Online Reseller has agreed to adhere to the Yealink SAP in all their activity associated with selling Yealink products. Each Yealink distributor shall maintain a registry of Authorized Online Resellers, and shall provide this listing, including name, address, website, and telephone contact information to Yealink when there is any update.
            b) Applicants that never sold Yealink products for Authorized Online Reseller status shall complete and submit the application form at approval;
            c)  Sign the Yealink Authorized Online Reseller Agreement and send to 
c. On receiving the application, Yealink will reply within 2 working days. Applicants who meet the minimum standards of Item 2 in this program will be given 30 days’ evaluation period. Once an applicant violates the terms of Item 4 during the evaluation period, Yealink will refuse to approve the application.
d. Applicant who passes the evaluation will be authorized as Yealink Authorized Online Reseller. Yealink will notify the reseller via, providing the Authorized Online Reseller with a signed copy of Yealink Authorized Online Reseller Agreement and authorization code.
Additionally, Yealink will record their information provided into online inquiry system

6.     Management of Authorized Online Reseller
a. Each authorized online reseller will receive a unique authorization code from Yealink after authorization. Online reseller shall offer authorization code to Yealink Distributor to request benefits of this program.
b. Once Authorized Online Reseller infringe the terms and conditions of Yealink Authorized Online Reseller Agreement,
            a) For the first time, Authorized Online Reseller will receive a notice from Yealink and be given 3 working days to correct the infringement.
            b) For the second time, the Authorization of Online Reseller will be canceled. The reseller will be removed from Yealink Authorized Online Reseller List. Such resellers will not be authorized to use Yealink logo and product pictures, and enjoy other corresponding benefits.

7.     Statement
This program will officially take effect from August 1, 2017 to August 1, 2018. Yealink reserves the right at any time to modify, suspend, or discontinue the program during the trial period and official implementation of this program. Yealink will inform both Distributors and Authorized Online Resellers of any changes to the program. Program modifications shall be made available on the Yealink official website at
Yealink reserves the right of final interpretation of the Authorized Online Reseller Program.              
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