Opportunity Incentive Program for VCS

This Program rewards Resellers that actively identify, develop and close new business in targeted market segments. This program incorporates deal registration that is designed to protect Resellers' presales investments and enable Resellers to focus on value delivery to win the opportunity.

1) Eligible Partners: Yealink Resellers
2) Validity Period: Jan. 1, 2016-Dec. 31, 2016
3) Eligible Products
Yealink products eligible for this Program are listed in the following table:

3.Definition of New Opportunity
A new opportunity shall mean a project that has a potential order of Video Conferencing System. There is no limitation for the opportunity size. 

4.Benefits for Approved Deal
In order to make a competitive proposal to win new opportunities, Yealink and Distributor offer support in:
5% of list price as reward to protect Resellers for driving new business.
Assisting Resellers to make strategic plans with minimal investment.
Protecting Resellers proactively working with customers on pre-sales.

5.Opportunity Registration Process

1) Get to Know a New Opportunity
Resellers identify, develop, and collect information of the new opportunity.

2) Register new Project on Yealink Opportunity Registration System 
Complete and submit Yealink Opportunity Registration Form on Yealink Opportunity Registration System before the opportunity has been secured. Click here to register: https://oip.yealink.com/login. 
If you are a new user, please register an account first.
All required fields in the Opportunity Registration Form must be completed clearly and accurately.

3) Support Offered for the Approved Opportunities
Yealink will determine whether an opportunity meets the stated criteria for approval and use reasonable commercial efforts to accept or reject registrations within 2 business days.

4)Claim for the 5% reward 
In order to claim for the 5% of list price as reward for the approved opportunity, the Reseller shall provide the purchase invoice to Yealink or Distributor, which will be used as a proof to obtain the reward. 
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